Strengthening Faith


June 17, 2018

For a number years I have felt the need to write down those spiritual thoughts that stitch themselves into an essay. The feeling is that they may be of benefit to a few who need their faith in God and Jesus Christ bolstered.

It is my hope that what I write is of a benefit to you. These posts are not meant to offend or to cause contraversy. They are simply thoughts intended to inspire and perhaps provoke readers to improve their relationship with their Father in Heaven and His Son.

Naturally, these thoughts are my own and may not necessarily reflect that of my chosen faith, my family members, my employer, or any others with whom I’m associated. Remember, none of us are perfect and we’re all striving to become better people.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and drop me a line on Twitter if you feel so inclined.

— Bryan

Bryan Scott

These are the thoughts, ideas, and writings of Bryan Scott, a father, instructor, developer, and all around good guy. Follow him on Twitter